How to make DKNY Cozy

One day my mom wanted to make DKNY Cozy clothing for herself, so I found useful guide here, It’s wonderful. I decided to translate it to Persian and did, but here, I think the original is much better than main. And also, Here is amazing video about DKNY Cozy clothing. Let’s have fun and make […]


ari Sultani- what should I do?

Best offer

Few days ago I had the best offer in my life, but I don’t know what should I do? The sewing school, where I got my degree, asked me to teach sewing there. It’s wondorful, I love do that, but what should I do? I have job in different major, computer, and I like that […]

Me and my weblog

It’s long story, why I decided to publish this site and when. I think It took about 5 years! I am software engineer, my specific major is web programer, so can you believe that time I said I just started again I hope I can continue regular